Monday, June 6, 2011

mpls movie showings: week of june 6

I'm not sure if it's the heat or the lack of internet in my apartment, but I haven't been very functional for about the last week (I could go so far as to say all last month, but I can't really blame that on heat or lack of connectivity, now can I?)

Trylon's serving up the French tire-gone-murderous horror story Rubber for the second and last time this Tuesday, followed by a Wednesday screening of the music film Cure for Pain, telling the story of the late Mark Sandman of the band Morphine.  The director will be present and there are only 14 tix remaining for the 9pm showing.

The Heights is back in action after closing last week for roof repairs.  They got theirs and Take-Up's homicide series going on this Thursday with a screening of the classic detective flick The Thin Man, not to mention their Tuesday night ballet showing of Coppelia.

This weekend has more pirate films at the Trylon, some late night films at Riverview and Willow Creek, and a talk by John Waters at the Walker (part of his curating gig there this summer).  Hopefully I'll have more info on that later this week, but I'm also heading out of town for the next week starting Wednesday... also that whole thing about not being functional....

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